Who is Dr. Rob Lancer?

In 2005, Dr. Lancer founded the New York Center for OCD and Related Anxiety Disorders ( As a New York State Licensed Psychologist, he successfully uses cognitive and behavioral therapy to treat OCD, anxiety, and depression. He has also conducted extensive research on the powerful influence exercise has on the effects of OCD, anxiety, and depression, publishing one of the first pilot research studies [DJ1] on the topic in 2007.

During his research, he found overwhelming conclusive evidence that aerobic exercise can have a substantial impact on the decrease of OCD symptoms, anxiety, and depression. Dr. Lancer has also been published in the ABCT Journal [DJ2] for his study of Aerobic and its effects on OCD, anxiety, and depression.


Dr. Lancer’s strategies

After working with school aged adolescents and children for over a decade, Dr. Lancer understands the need to treat each person as an individual providing treating that encompasses not only building on the strengths of individuals but bolstering their deficiencies as well. With this in mind, Dr. Lancer has created strategies not only treat OCD and Anxiety disorders but to empower youth through Skillshops that focus on developing confidence, resilience, emotional intelligence, and positive mindset.

Dr. Lancer is a recognized expert in his field and has spoken nationally and internationally on the topics of OCD, anxiety, and depression at various mental health conventions in San Diego, Philadelphia, as well as Sweden. Most recently, he has keynoted for the group Aspire (Nassau County School Social Workers). His highly anticipated book, RISE WITHIN: Overcoming Fear and Anxiety is now available for purchase on this site or on Amazon.

Be The Greatest Version of Yourself
— Dr. Rob Lancer