You Can Reverse the Anxious Mind

It is likely that you never had a clear mind to examine anxiety from a perspective other than from the viewpoint of your anxious mind. But it is crucial to acknowledge and accept your anxiety. You may likely discover that anxiety can serve a functional purpose in your life. Anxiety helps people cope and overcome unavoidable negative issues that happen in life.

Life is certain to create challenges for all of us. Although anxiety can cause feelings of discomfort and unease, the end product can be positive. Feelings of apprehension exist as part of our natural daily lives.  

However, our nervous systems have a built in ‘fight or flight’ system to ensure for our safety and survival when there is impending danger. The positive effects of anxiety include alerting us to dangerous situations and creating motivation to take action.  

For instance, when a fire starts in a building, adrenaline is released into our bodies causing feelings of anxiety, which alerts us to take action and quickly reach safety. In school, anxiety often sparks students to get their work done in “crunch time.” Often, people reference their best work getting done under circumstances of pressure and apprehension.  

Anxiety gives us the extra push to accomplish tasks we did not think possible. You have heard of the miraculous account of a mother lifting a car to save her baby from death. Many scientists believe that the biological purpose of anxiety is for performance enhancement.  This is often referred to by elite athletes as “the power of harnessing anxiety” as a key necessity for their peak performance.

My major turning point was when my mindset shifted from wanting to eliminate anxiety from my life to acquiring the knowledge and skill to gain control over my anxious mind. Once you can move from the fixed mindset of anxious feelings and thoughts into a growth mindset, you will realize that your goal is not to eliminate or avoid anxiety but to create a stronger you. As you grow stronger, you will be able to master the art of recycling your anxiety to live and thrive fearlessly.
— Excerpt From Rise Within - Overcoming Fear and Anxiety