More than a Feeling

Anxiety, in my opinion, should come with a warning label due to its potency that causes extreme distress and emotional mayhem. It is lethal when both emotional and physical symptoms collide causing a person to feel derailed.
— Dr. Rob Lancer

Anxiety is one of the eight basic emotions we all feel. Anxiety results from stress created from challenges at school, work, home, or even by financial matters. At some level, anxiety is an everyday occurrence for us all.

When the anxious state persists for a prolonged period it negatively affects and causes disturbances in one’s life. Depending on the anxiety’s frequency and intensity, the interference can range from mild to extreme.

Physical symptoms are rather easy to identify and are most commonly brought on by a feared situation. Anxiety can seem to attack out of thin air frighteningly sensing a panic attack. The most common physical symptoms of anxiety are a rapid heartbeat, restlessness, heart palpitations, shaking, tremors, sweating, dry mouth, chest pain, and a shallow rapid breathing.

Anxiety can cause for emotional disturbance leading to intense and persistent fear, excessive, irrational thinking, feelings of dread, increased perceived vulnerability of danger, tension, trouble concentrating, and anticipation of the worst. The more frequent and intense the anxiety is, the greater the impairment people have at work, school, and social functioning.

The cumulative effect of the anxious mind directs people to a darker destination named depression. At the point where anxiety and depression exist one may feel caught in a vicious downward spiral. At the base of the downward spiral, a person is practically void of any positive emotions. Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness seem to creep in and deliver the fatal blow to the already disheartened.

Negative and self-defeating thoughts soon hijack even the most valiant effort to gain positive momentum over one's life. The anxious mind’s destructiveness eradicates the most willful attempts to reach out for positivity, placing peace even further in the distance and seamlessly an unattainable reality.

However, You can reverse the ANXIOUS MIND by attaining Dr. Rob’s Victorious Mindset.


Never Give In, and Never Give Up. Where there is Hope, there is Life.
— Dr. Rob Lancer